Bricked sansa express-now only as a pendrive

Hey guys, i need ur help.

My GF’s sansa express 1gb got bricked,so i followed the instructions found on forum,but there is a problem. I went to the step where i had to format my sansa(using FAT16) and now its only like an empty pendrive. All of the updaters dont recognise it as a mp3 (1.1.05. and 1.1.12). So I’m asking you to send me a ‘raw’ firmware to this mp3 so i could just paste it into mp3 or find another working solution. I need ur help and sorry for my bad language;]

Re-format in Windows using FAT, not FAT16.

Yesterday my PC was recognising sansa as a pendrvie but now,today,on both of my PCs it is recognised as a player recovery device class and i have no idea how to format it now because it is now not a flash disc and updaters still dont see it( btw. is there a problem with updating server or what? still at ‘checking for updates’ today).