Brand new out of the box 32GBmicroSDHC I showing 30.6MB wont format.

My lovely girlfriend bought me a GoPRO Hero4 with the recomended SD Card SDSDQX-032g-AB46A.  I plugged it into my gro pro to format it and it says sderr.  Plugged it into the adapter it came with and booted it up to my computer and it reads only 30.6MB all of which is full.  Will not format with SDFORMATTER says write protected (yes i double checked to make sure it wasnt.  I edited the REGEDIT and DISKPART with no luck.  Can these cards come dead on arrival?


Seems that you grabbed a defective card out of the box. in that case you can go directly to the place of purchase and replace it with a new one or contact the sandisk support to get a warranty replacement card.