Both Cruzers

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Blade and a SanDisk Cruzer Glide.  Neither initializes the auto play function of my laptop.  Neither shows up as even being plugged into the computer.  However, they both show up in Device Manager.  I tried updating the drivers, but each produces a message that says that Windows has determined that the driver software for your device to be up to date.  I cannot open either drive to access the information stored there.  I have checked your forums and can’t find/understand a fix.  Please help!

Oh, yeah.  I have a Windows PC running XP.  I just used the drives yesterday.  Today they are inoperable.

Windows XP is running out of support already but if this works yesterday, you can probably try to run a simple system restore with it. 


Windows hasn’t support autoplay since XP SP2, i.e. in a very long time, so that explains that part.  As for why Windows can’t see the files on the drives today, do you use the USB port for other devices?  Windows is notorious for reassigning the same drive letter to different devices.  If you can see the devices in Disk Management try manually assigning a drive letter to them.  And I suggest plugging in only one drive at a time.

As @mikkirourke noted XP’s support ends soon, April 8 actually, you should make sure you have all the Windows Updates available for your machine by then.  And a good independent AV running after then if not already.