"boot error"

ey, forum.  this is my first mp3 player and i’m unhappy.  when i plug my 1g sansa express into my laptop, i can see, access and manipulate all the files on both the onboard flash memory and my assed 2g micro sd card.  wish they didn’t show up as 2 disks, but that’s very minor.  anyways, data transfer etc. works fine.

however, when i unplug it, the following happens:
“building database…”  (that’s what it always did)
and then, with the letters cut off at the beginning and end (static, not scrolling):
“boot error, shutting down”

and it is impossible to play music with the frickin thing.  i JUST BOUGHT this two months ago.  anybody have any idea whas goin on?

i run ubuntu linux (was 7.04, just upgraded to 7.10 this weekend), and don’t use WINE, so the driver disk is of no real use to me.

Thats the same error I get sometimes when trying to use my Kingston 2GB card.  See the other thread about issues with 2GB cards… its not good…

Tried booting it without the SD card inserted?

Also, have you tried updating the firmware (you will need to find a windows machine?)

All of SanDisk’s MP3 players with card slots will appear as two disks…  that’s just how it works.  The MicroSD card is still a separate disk, just like if you added a second hard drive to your computer.  Your GUI may not show the icon for the card if it isn’t inserted, though.

BTW, the CD doesn’t have any drivers…  SanDisk hasn’t provided drivers for an MP3 player since the SDMX1, and those were just for windows 98.  It probably just has Rhapsody, a user guide in the PDF format, and a flash intro.

whats up well the same thing happened to me and what i did was to remove everything from the device, all the info. And when it was cleared the ‘boot error’ message dissapeared and everything was normal again

good luck