bios does not recognize extreme pro ssd


I can not boot beyond the bios with the SSD in place within the laptop. The bios does begin but at some point before access is given to the setup option, the bios comes back with the error:   “error code   0xc000000e”

I own an old hp pavilion dv6308nr.     It uses a phoenix  bios F.43 (22 mar 2010). It does not have a secure boot.  The athlon 1100 chipset is current. I am confused as to which controller actually controls the SATA drive. I have been successfully running W10 for some time. In fact I am writing this concern with the old HDD in place.

I used Apricorn to clone my sata 3.0 hard disk currently in my laptop to my Extremem Pro SSD

I can see that the SSD did clone and i can read and write through the apricorn usb to sata interface.

sanDisk dashboard works well identifying everything about the SSD and my system. (excellent dashboard, by the way)

The Extreme Pro SSD has up-to-date firmware   X21200RL

I did check the HP web  site and forums for any reference to SSD installation issues with this specific laptop.  I found no reference by HP indicating this laptop could or could not use SSD.  The forums did contain experience with others trying to install various SSd with no success,

There are two things  i can think of that might be relevant:

(1) the sata controller and its firmware is not able to run SSD. That explanation seems odd as SATA is a protocol.

(2) the current on the rotating hard drive approximately 0.68 amps. The specifications on the Extreme indicate 1.5 amps

      My imagination is that the current specs are for max case…and hence may not be a governing issue.

Anything anybody can say that might lead to a successful incorporation of the Extreme in this laptop would be appreciated.