Battery when charging...


I have a question… When you are charging your Fuze , how do you know the battery “%” ?

Thanks for your help! =D

That i know of, there is no possibility. You have to unplug it. (and if you get into settings–> info, it will show you in %'s rather than the battery at the top)

If the Fuze is connected in MTP mode, go to My Computer/Windows Explorer and right-click on the Fuze (it should be under “portable devices”. If it’s under “devices with removable storage”, it’s in MSC mode) and select Properties. Battery level is one of the things that will displayed.

You can change between MTP and MSC by going to Settings>System Settings>USB Mode.

When the battery is fully charged, the battery icon stays completely green (ie no green/white animation) and the little ‘lightening bolt’ disappears. It should be 100% charged.

Base on my experince Im charging my player for 3 hours regardless if the player is fully drain or not and if I see the icon battery stop from moving left to right it is fully charged. :wink: