How do you know when charged ?

I know that is probably a stupid question but this is my first fuze, as well as my first mp3 !  I plugged my fuze into my computer & I see the yellow bolt, do I have to keep unplugging to see if it charged or will a message come on the screen ?  I just says Connected and the wheel is turning ?  Thanks !

The yellow lightening bult will stop flashing when it’s fully charged and the battery will be entirely green.

Thanks for the reply !!!

I just finished charging mine and the green battery stopped flashing and no lightening bolt and it just says “connected”.

Mine charged, took about 2 hrs but the lightening bolt went away and the battery showed as all green !  All is well, I love my FUZE now !!!

Just like the Ghost Busters, “When the light is GREEN , the trap is CLEAN!” :smileyvery-happy: