Battery replacement

Yes.  There are pages of threads having to do with the subject matter.  Yes.  The Fuze (NOT Fuze+!) is so old, who would care.  I get that.

Still, having not found an answer to what I’m after (I’m not saying the answer is not here, I just have not found it), I’ll give it a shot.

I do want to try to resurrect my fuze battery.  The problem is reconnecting the jog-wheel ribbon to the circuit board.  I had hoped to keep it connected soas not to have to fuss with it, that didn’t happen.  It came loose.

I’ve tried the smallest/thinnest set of hemostats I have, but just can’t figure the clearance to get the cable lined up and pushed back into the connector.  Loosening either the pcb or jog-wheel screws to get a bit more room doesn’t seem reasonable:  I would not be able to reach them to tighten them even IF I got the cable back in.

Someone HAS to have done this (battery replacement on a Fuze).  It’s human nature, having been told ‘This cannot be done,’ to tackle the problem with success.

Can that person give me some hints on reconnecting this cable?