Base Station Problems?

When I connect the Sansa Connect to the base station; none of the remote funtions work, and the volume is all the way up(automatically) and cannot be turned down.

There is a notice that a special Firmware is needed.  It gives the URL and instructions.

I downloaded and installed the SansaUpdaterInstall.exe and then connected my Sansa Connect, it recognized the player and stated that no upgrades were needed.

I called tech and they said there is no special firmware, only the latest firmware for the Sansa Connect.  They also said I should buy a new battery for this NEW base station.

Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a firmware that I need?

My Firmware is

BTW I tried device recovery and it didn’t work.

I have not encountered any problems with the base station or remote functions.  I would agree with customer support that the first thing to try is to get a new battery for the remote.  Mine worked “out of the box”, but I replaced the remote battery within a month after I got it.

BTW, you have the latest firmware version.

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I spoke a second time with Sandisk and their official position is that the Base Station is not compatible with the Sansa Connect.

More specifically, the remote will not work with the Sansa Connect.

He asked for the model #, so that might be a factor.  Model # I have is SDAMX-BST.

Fortunately, I’m still within my return period, so it’s going back.

Thanks Brian,

Is your model # SDAMX-BST?

Also, can you adjust the volume manually on the Sansa while it is connected to the base station?  I can’t.

The Sansa Base station is not fully compatible with the Sansa Connect. The Base Station is shown at

It lists as compatible with Sansa c-Series 200 and above and e-Series 200 and above MP3 Players. However, Sansa Connect does not fall into any of these categories.

I purchased two of the base stations for my daughters two Sansa Connects.  They do not charge, and the remote does not work.  Can you tell me which base station you have and what functions work.