Backing up the Go List?

I thought I had read something about that here- but now I can’t find it.

I don’t use it, but my wife does & hers got eaten during a recent update, so I promised I’d back it up whenever I added songs.

Then I started looking and can’t find it.

Sansa Fuze- firmware version 02.03.33a



Not possible.

Maybe that’s why you can’t find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess that would explain why I couldn’t find a solution. :cry:

Is the workaround to load a playlist for her and back that up?

It looks like that is a completely manual process- no way for her to add songs to a playlist on the fly.



if you look at the post on (fuze 8 gb ver01.02.31A) by fuseman, the sansa forum answered all the questions on the playlist and go list…

                          thanks again tapeworm

you can add to the playlist on the fly, you find the song you want lower click it, go to add to playlist right click it and your done…

if thats what your trying to say on the fly…

Or just push and hold the center of the wheel- adds song to playlist (or removes it if it’s already there).

I love the GoList  I want another one!

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I give everything in my go list 5 stars, that way my favorite rated ones are also the go list. The onlyl thing is if I add them back from my computer the ratings would go away. I guess I could just rate them through wmp.

I did one the hard way.  I went through the go list one by one and made a playlist in Media Monkey.  I haven’t had to use it but anytime I upgrated the firmware, I would lose my playlist.  I haven’t updated it lately, but I have most of them there.  Even if the playlist didn’t come over, I had a list anyway.