Backing up music files

I am still running WinXP. I want to move my entire library that is on my XP PC but I can’t find an easy and quick

method to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions and/or utilities to do this?

Files are on my XP Hard Drive

I want to copy them to a new SanDisk 32GB Microsd
I have a Sansa ClipZip

Thanks in advance

Mike Daniels

You can use either the card in a card reader plugged directly into the USB port on your computer, or with the card in the player.

Drag & drop (or use the Copy To command in Windows Explorer) from wherever the files are stored on your computer (probably My Music folder) to the card. If the player is set to MSC Mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode), you will see the player show up in Explorer as 2 separate drives; one for the internal memory of the player and the other is the card.

Couldn’t be simpler. Grab a cup of coffee or have lunch. Transferring 32GB of files is going to take a while. :smileyvery-happy:

To select all your files to copy over to your microSD card:

Open the folder with the files you want to copy over, using Window Explorer; with the cursor now anywhere in the blank area of that window, press ctrl + c (that is, the ctrl key and c key simultaneously)–all the files should now show as highlighted; open up the folder where you want to copy the files to; and press ctrl + v–the copies now should show up there.


I am running Windows XP
XP will NOT let me select multiple directories

Look at attached screen shot “MusicDirectories.jpg”

I want to select ALL Directories under “Music” and paste them

under the “Music” directory in my Clip Zip

See screenshot below


Yes, Windows XP allows selecting multiple folders since ages. Click on the first folder, then – by pressing the shift key – click on the last folder. Now all should be highlighted and can be copied – or dragged and dropped – to the Zip. Alternatively you could copy the whole «Music» folder.