Background and album images?

Hi, I’m trying to set my fuze+ up with a background image, but when at the main menu screen the preset background ‘patterns’ (and the menu options themselves) get in the way so much you can’t actually see it and there doesn’t seem to be an option to turn them off.
Also when playing music it auto-shows a random color image or the album art for the song playing; when I’d rather it showed my background picture. It seems a bit redundant as I can’t actually see the picture?

Any help would be great.


Yes.  I find the “background” customization “nice” but pretty useless as the now playing screen shows a large representation of the album art.

If your tracks show a “random” color, it means the player can not read the embedded album art in the track or that the track does not have album art embedded in it.  .  This occurred with me on one album which had embedded .png files vice .jpg files in the tag.

I used MP3tag to replace the .png file with a .jpg file and all is right with the world.

If you just want a picture, you can enable the slide show feature under photos.  I am not sure how that works but it is a way to display something other than the default album art. 

Several people on this forum has asked that the unit be able to read .jpg files directly from the folder (such as folder.jpg) rather than forcing us to embed art into each track.  Personally I’m good with both methods, but appreciate the fact that the player does read embedded art.  Transfers done during winamp will not transfer the .jpg file, so if I want to use the autofill function on Winamp, I must ensure that the art is embedded in the track or else it won’t get transferred to the player.

Hope this helps a little.

Yes most of my stuff does not have the album art as I’m never worried about seeing it. It’s a shame we have a nice background feature that we can’t really use. What’s worse is the standard patterns that appear in the foreground anyway, even when the music isn’t playing.
I can look at the picture, but you lose the functionality of the music in that situation. It should really operate like the wallpaper on a desktop PC.