Awaiting RMA status and activation of my sandisk account

3 days ago I recieved an email with my incident number ( 1100913-000673). It stated in the email I would hear something within 24-48 hours after the RMA was created. I havent heard anything for 3 days and on top of that my account has not been activated, preventing me to register my product and checking my RMA status. Can someone help please? Thanks!     

Hi. Have you tried calling them?            1-866-SANDISK       (726-3475). They also have a chat online. You would get better response time oupon doing this.   

I have to say that scandisk has replied to any of my emails within 3 hours and promptly gave me a RMA and received my replacement CF card in 7 working days, with no problems, and I have had dealings with many other companys and I rate there CS as above avearge ,if not outstanding

An RMA was created and approved as of 9:02 AM PST on 9/19. You should ahve recieved an email with the return instructions and shipping lable. If you have not recieved these emails please contact SanDisk support 866-SANDISK and they will be able to take care of you. 

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