Audiobooks In External Folder but Not In Card/Audiobooks

I have a Clip Sport running 1.38 and a 64gb SD card.  I moved a bunch of audiobooks into the /audiobooks folder but, for some reason, a number of books are visible in Folder/External but not listed in Card/Audiobooks. They’re not under unknown, either. I tried updating the properties, making sure the genre was “audiobooks” as well as deleting and then re-adding the content (disconnecting between delete and re-add to force an update).

I copied one of the missing books to the internal memory and it showed up just fine. Any idea what’s going on? How can I fix it?

I should have written “Clip Sport”. Sorry about that.

Maybe you have exceeded the limit of 2000 audio files in your Audiobooks database ??

    This is the approximate maximum capacity for the database in all recent firmwares for the Clip Sport.

    Here is a link to an extended discussion of this topic.

If that’s the limit, I’m sure that I did exceed the limit.

What a stupid limit!  Isn’t part of the strategy for Sansa to increase demand for memory? And if there are 64 (or larger) cards, wouldn’t that imply a limit greater than 2000 songs?

I read where they had a 4000 song beta that apparently went nowhere.  Thanks for the response but, wow, hard to understand why they’d have so small a limit (even 4000 seems pretty small - why isn’t it something like 64k [65,536 or 2^16] or even more)?