Clip+ not showing all of my audiobooks on my 32G ext card.

I have just loaded my 32G external card via copying from windows explorer through the player to the external chip with 10G of audiobooks. I’m talking about hundreds of chapters sometimes. Yesterday, I did the same thing(about 10G also) and everything seemed fine. Today, it doesnt show the new directories anywhere. I’ve done a scan disk and no errors… Operating in auto mode.

When I say It’s NOT SHOWING, I mean that when it is attached to the computer it looks fine, when I detach it and it refreshes the card, I get the same old stuff from days ago, no new folders.

I am also NOT showing all the directories, sorry ‘folders’, in the “Music” area. That is, I put radio Plays in the music area, like the shadow, Gunsmoke, Inner sanctum,…, since they do have “background music” and audio effects. For instance, 400+ episodes of Gunsmoke, NKJV Bible 1187 Chapters!!

I estimate that I have loaded 25 plays and 30 audiobooks so far.

Also can one use an adapter with the mem card and copy files that way? saves time.

The Clip+ has an 8,000 “song” limit. The limit might be even less than this though if you have long filenames, heavy nesting of files(folders in folders, etc.) or long tags. Kepp the file structure simple, and use short filenames, folder names, and short tags.

You can put the card in the pc using an adapter and copy files to the card that way if  the files are not protected.

If they are protected, and you transfer them this way, the player won’t be able to play them.