Audio does not play .mkv files on iPad/iPhone any more - used to - Video fine


these .mkv files used to play fine (both video and audio) but now only video and no audio - files are OK as played them before and works on computer.

Please help as missin my in-flight movies


The MKV files probably have a dolby audio codec. Support for dolby audio codec was recently removed. See the KB article on the issue below. You may need to reencode the videos using a different audio codec to get them to work. 

The (iXpand and Connect) apps do not currently support certain audio / video formats, such as those encoded with AC-3 (Dolby Digital) codecs. In some instances, you may be able to select the file and use the “Open in” feature to use other apps on your device that support such formats to playback these audio / video files.

SanDisk values the opinions and concerns of our users. We would like to invite you to take a short survey regarding video playback issues.

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I have the same problem and it makes me feel weird after reading your reply.

why is it not working after the update while its working fine before the update?

i can watch .mkv video complete with the audio before and after the update, i tried to continue watching the same video and it doesnt have any sound now.

this happen after i update the app from app store today. It worked fine yesterday night.

this must be bug or error occured , please release some update to fix this.

This is not a bug. They have removed support for the dolby audio codecs from the app. This is why it worked before and no longer works after update. If this issue affects you I encourage you to take the survey linked in the KB article. 

But whyyy… D:

that sucks ;(

I’m relieved that I found this post but frustrated why Sandisk took away support for MKV audio codecs.  I absolutely loved my Connect now I have to reencode MKV files that worked fine previously.  They need to rectify this situation and come out with an update to fix the screw up. 

Use the infuse media player from the app store

supports playing mkv with sound and subtitles even if Dolby or dts

and discovers the device automatically using WebDAV protocol image.png

Hi Yaronco,
How exactly do you do this please?

I was able to add the sound by using MacXConverter Pro.  Works perfectly now as a Mp4

Top MKV Player for iPad i am using #1 player is HD Player Pro. it is the simple, fast, and excellent user interface MKVmedia player for ipad Air, ipad Mini, iphone 7+ and other iphone with HD video, Supports MKV and FLV supports though you don’t need the video converter.

How can I request Sandisk to re-enable dolby audio codecs playback since it was supported in earlier versions. I purchased the wireless stick so that I can stream mkv files to my iOS device, asking users to re-encoding their MKV files is a pretty unreasonable request, I now can stream by connecting via VLC’s network stream but it’s tedious as hell and it just doesn’t work eligently.

I had a file that had two sound tracks on it - spanish and english. The player on the stick does not know how to hand it and the audio was muted. It was MKV too I believe. You’ll need to re encode the movie with just the one sound track - USE VLC media player. If you’re not tech savy then this is way too complicated for the average user :frowning: I’m using it on an iphone. 

One reason is that the audio codec in the video is not supported, in this case, we may use iDealshare VideoGo to convert to the video in supported audio codec.

You can use Joyoshare Video Converter. It can select audio track to convert. 

Maybe you could find an alternative way to convert the video files to see whether it can work. To help you through, I have one idea wanted to share with you. You could give a try to Media Converter for Windows. It is a tool that can convert video files to other video formats with high quality, and it allows you to personalize the videos as you like. Then you can save the video files and add them to other devices for using.