audio books on E250

I have been downloading audiobooks through Overdrive Media Console onto my laptop, then onto my E250. They seem to load up the same as they appear on the computer, i. e., broken into consecutive chapters w/time listed. When I playback, however, I keep having the same two problems. If I shut down the player in mid-chapter, I will mark the chapter and elapsed time. When I turn the player back on, however, it shows the correct chapter and elapsed time, but is actually starting at the beginning of the chapter, i. e., the counter seems to be out of sync. If I try to fast forward to the correct point, I can only get so far, usually not past the midway point, and the player will jump to the beginning of the next chapter. Am I doing something wrong in the download or formatting process? Any help would be appreciated, as I’m about to give up on this thing and go back to recorded books on cd. Thanks.