AudibleSync 1.8.6 Is Not Working With the Clip Jam

Before I can start my question I got to say I’ve been working on this problem for about 5 hours or more. I realize that lots and lots of people buy audiobooks from Audible. But I hate DRM Audible. It is because of the DRM that I haven’t started listening to my audiobook yet. I had to say that!

I can’t figure out how to sync AudibleSync 1.8.6 with my Sandisk Clip Jam. There is nothing in the program that recognizes the device. I found some other people saying that they had problems. One suggestion was to change the drive letter in Windows to B: I did that, and it didn’t help anything. I have no idea where to go from here. If anyone can tell me the proper way to get AudibleSync to see the Sandisk Clip Jam. Please let me know!