Are my m200 series MP3 players compatible with Windows 7?

My family has several m200 series MP3 players that we bought from the web because they seemed to be best players that used AAA batteries, which is especially convenient for travel, plus have good radio and other features. 

We use them with laptops that run XP, however we plan to replace one soon and will run Windows 7 both PC’s.  Thus, we need to know if our m200 series MP3 players are compatible with Windows 7 ASAP. 

Hopefully the m200 series MP3 players are “plug and play” and need no driver, but may need new firmware, even though they are fairly new. 

If the m200 Mp3 players are not really compatible with Windows 7, then I will try “XP mode,” which is a Win 7 program for those devices and software that require XP. 


Yes they are. FWIW, all sandisk players are just USB devices. They’ll work with any operating system that works with USB.

The coolest thing with Windows 7 is that it has a compatibility mode for Windows XP.  As saratoga mentioned, the beauty of the little Sansas is that they are directly addressable as a mass storage device.

MTP mode, the higher level where the Sansa is addressed as a media device is available once you install Windows Media Player 10 or later.  Windows 7 is bundled with Windows Media Player 12, so your devices can be managed in either mode.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: