Can I use Windows 2000?

I have been trying to find out if I can use a SanDisk M200 series mp3 player.

All of the documentation says XP or Vista is required. I have (and like) Windows 2000. If I drag and drop songs on the flash drive will it work?

Are there any problems with W2K that would affect my computer if I use an M 200 series mp3 player?

Ed Graham

should work in MSC mode. If it doesnt, sandisk wont support it. But i have heard of people using it in the past.

I just got my m240 last week, and I am using Win2000, SP4.  I’ve only tried MSC mode, and copying music files to and from the m240 like a flash drive.  I haven’t yet any problems transferring files, having the m240 update its library, and playing music.  I am still trying to figure out how to get tracks on an album to play back in order, but I don’t think that’s related to using Win2000.

A related question is if anyone has tried syncing the m240 via Windows Media Player 9 on Win2000.  I know the m240 officially requires Media Player 10 and WinXP, but I’ve come across Sandisk documentation that implies that Media Player 9 is ok, which can be run on Win2000.  I might fool around with it myself [if I have time!], but has if anyone else has tried it?

I have used my m240 on both operating systems.  They worked great right out of the box a year ago, but not anymore.  Media 9 and 11 won’t even list the songs I have on the mp3.  Won’t let me delete them, especially when I have put the same song on more than once.  I am not pleased with this at all.  I am sorry I am no help, but I just wanted to warn you before you try.