App Crashing When Transferring Files

I’ve been using the media drive to transfer pdfs to my ipad air running iOS 8.  This was working well up to a few weeks ago.  When I select a file it begins to download the file.  When it gets to the end of the download process it will sit there for a moment and then crash.  I’m on the most recent firmware, and the most recent version of the app.  I’ve tried re-downloading the app, and restarting everything with no success. I am using an SD card which is where the files reside.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



there may be a file system issue on the card the WMD does not like. Try connecting the card to a computer backing up all the files, format the card then reload the files. See if you still see the same error. 

Thanks for the response. I tried that. I formatted the drive to fat32 and still no luck.