anyone want to trade your v1 for my brand new v2? i want rockbox...

hello all,

was wondering if anyone had a new/refurbished (ie, battery life is strong, etc) and wanted to trade for my brand new v2.  i realize i’m a new poster here because i just got my fuze a couple of days ago, and while i love the original firmware, i’m more interested in loading rockbox on it and apparently the rockbox for the v2 is a long time coming. please PM me if you’re interested and we can work something out. thank you!

How do we know whether our fuze is v1 or v2 ?

from firmware update page

Turn on your Fuze
• Select Settings from the main menu
• Select System Settings
• Select Info 
check out your version number:

v1 = 1.XX.XX (example: 1.01.22)
v2 = 2.XX.XX (example: 2.01.17)

I would like to trade. I do not know how to PM.(I am old.) Today I purchased a 4GB refurbished Fuze from Red in Color. Obviously it has not arrived yet. I suspect that it will be the V1 as an earlier refurbised Sanza MP3 that I purchased from them was.

I will follow up with you on arrival date.

I just bought sansa fuze last week, and it’s v1, it’s new with sandisk Indonesia 1 year warranty, they got a lot of sansa fuze stock in the store, seems like old stock to me, big chance that all of their stock are of v1, I bought it in Jakarta

HI, i actually ordered the same thing on Woot - so now ill have two Fuzes… thanks though, i guess this thread is over at this point.

@biggyshorty wrote:
HI, i actually ordered the same thing on Woot .

Good Luck!