Any word on avaiability?

My daughter is dying to get a 4GB PINK Fuze.  Tried to order from Amazon, and it was listing July 1 as a ship date…All it says is Pre-order Now at the Sansa Shop.  She worked to get her math grade up to get this…I think the wait will kill her. 

Sold out on the Best Buy web shop, but maybe in-stock in a store near you?

Check availability here.

I typed “sansa fuze” in google search. Amazon showed in the shopping results along with other sites.

if you aren’t in a real rush to get it and can wait for the shipping time. 

hmm I typed “sansa fuze” in google and the shopping results sites show up as “waiting for merchendice to ship from company” or somewhat along those lines. amazon shows estimated ship in 4-5 months. maybe there won’t be fuzes until then?

Same boat here.

Wrote Sansa support back around April 22 and they responded they had manufacturing issues but anticipated coming out within 2-3 weeks…Not sure how reliable that is, but trust that more than the various ‘out of stock’ dates on various retail sites

I sent an email to support and they told me the same thing with a 1-2 week time frame.  12 year olds are not the most patient group, and she is drvivng me nuts, but I do commend her on sticking with her pick.  This is the one she wants and she is waiting till it comes out.  My oldest son just got a Creative Zen 8 GB, and she was not swayed. 

Other than my one son, we are a Sansa family:

  • Daughter currently has a M200 - 1GB
  • Yougest son has a C150 - 2GB (hand-me-down from me)
  • Wife has an Express - 1GB
  • I have a Clip - 4 GB

Sansa family here too!  The girls and my wife have Clips, and Daddy has an e280v2, with eyeballs looking at the cool red Fuze.

These wee beasties are fun indeed.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

I saw that the Pink Fuze was avaialble on Friday (5/16). I ordered it with the 10% discount.  Over my daughter’s protests, I used regular shipping.  My Clip was ordered on a Thursday night, and I got the next Tuesday.  I hope this is just as quick.