8G Fuze Avaialability

I have been trying to find an 8G Fuze online and have had no luck including at Sansa’s website.  Does anyone know when they will become available again or why no one has them in stock?

I currently have the e250v1 and love it, but need more capacity.  I have been so happy with my Sansa I dont want to bother with anything else!

Yeah, Sandisk doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with demand right now.  Any place that gets them sells out very quickly.

Do you have a local BestBuy?  Even though it’s not in stock online right now, many BestBuy’s have them in stock in the stores.  I got mine from the local BestBuy last week.

Don’t forget the secret handshake when dropping by the local Best Buy: ask if they have any in stock, perhaps asking for the manager if you get the “deer in the headlights” reaction.  These units are often stocked behind the counter.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I ordered one from them just a few days ago and recieved it on Friday.  Perhaps you might want to try again.

I finally found one at a BestBuy about 15 miles away.  All the stores closer were sold out and this store only had 3 left.  Got It.  Love It.  I have only had a short time to use it since I picked it up yesterday evening, but so far it is great!!!  I really liked my e250 and this one has so many improvements, I think Sandisk did a really good job on this one.  I am looking forward to really getting some time to play with my new Fuze.  Thanks for the tips on where to find.

Don’t forget to update it with the firmware, it save your battery from dying quickly. (In like 2 hours)

Use Best Buy’s website to see if there are any in stock near you. You can order it for pick-up so it’ll be waiting for you.

I just found one near me, drove down and bought it. It was the last one, and I haven’t seen one there since (that was a month ago)!