8gb fuze is it in stores yet?

Has anyone seen the 8gb fuse in any local stores or are you buying online? Also does the 4 gig have enough memory for audio books?


Message Edited by blackhawkfan on 04-08-2008 06:50 PM

Best Buy has 'em.  Picked one up Sunday.

I bought 2 of them at the local Best Buy (Brookfield, WI) a week ago.  They were listed on their website.  They are not listed this week, but I did see some when I went by this past Saturday.

I wonder why they were listed on the website then pulled? Are they not shipping and starting to back order or is there a problem?

really? my bestbuy shows pre-order / coming soon.  possibly differnet location? i’m in CA

Just got a silver 8gb tonight in Lacey, Wa (south of seattle). They had a bunch behind the locked black cabinet.