Is the Fuze so hot or is there a manufacturing problem?

At Amazon it’s “Temporarily out of stock” for a long long time. Why is it selling only at BB? Is there a manufacturing problem?

everyone loves and wants a FUZE!!!

i love mine and im satisfied with my purchase 

so i’d say its


The local Wal-Mart ordered some.  They got three.  Now they have none.

Other than that, I’ve always thought Best Buy was the prime resource for Sansa players in my little corner of the world. The local store keeps a large Sansa display right in the main isle.

When it will be available in the Europe (UK, amazon doesnt count i live in Lithuania and they dont ship there). Everywhere is written that it will be available in late spring, spring almost at the end at it still no available. I wonder when it will apporach ill grab one at once.

I got my 4GB Fuze from Circuit City for $89. I believe Target had the 4GB advertised for the same price recently.