Any way to use Converter without hooking up the player?

I am trying to convert some of my videos into mov files, so that I can play them on my Sansa. Is there any way that we can do the converting without hooking up the mp3 player to the computer?

If there is a way out, it will save a lot of time because we can then let the computer do the job alone and we can copy the converted files to the player whenever we like. Please help if you know the answer. Many thanks!

Not with Sansa’s software.  Other threads on this page point to other software that will work though.

There is a way: Start converting the normal way (by connecting your Sansa first) then once the conversion has started, disconnect your Sansa.

The conversion will continue on and the converted files will end up in a folder you can set in “menu/tools/options”

Default folder is “C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My documents\Sansa Media Converter”

Once conversion is done, you can manually drag and drop the files in your Sansa.

The above process works with the Sansa View, so I assume it will also work for other Sansas.