Any Plans to Release a SanDisk Clip Sport Go That Will Play High-Res FLAC Files *Well Over* 1200KBPS?

Hi there folks.

This is really a question for SanDisk product managers, should they peruse these forums.

In short, I’d like to know if there are any plans to release a SanDisk Clip Sport Go that:

(1) Supports FLAC files well over 1200KBPS (e.g., up to 6000KBPS and beyond), and at 24-bits.
(2) Supports much higher storage (ideally 128GB, or even 256GB).


Currently, I have a substantial high-res FLAC music collection.

I believe this is the “direction of travel” for most consumers who run a hard-disk based music collections.

Following my purchase of a SanDisk Clip Sport Go, I was dissapointed to learn that is only supports the playing of FLAC files up to 1200KBPS, and at a maximum of 16-bits only.

Verifying link here: SanDisk MP3 Player File Type Support and Bitrate

Ideally, I would like to play my FLAC files of 24-bits, up to bitrates well beyond 1200KBPS (e.g., in the range of 3400KBPS up 6000KBPS, and perhaps beyond that).

Personally, I’m not prepared to spend time making downgraded versions my music files (using software), so that they work on the SanDisk Clip Sport Go.

So, I have had to use a competing gym-orientated “Clip” music player on Amazon (for which I left an extensive positive review). I will not link to a competitor’s product, but it comes up when running a search for “sandisk clip”, and it is priced at over £100.

I’d be very happy to go back to a SanDisk “clip” player for my gym/training sessions, as it is substantailly more light-weight, which is a big benefit for sport and gym usage.

If the higher performance elements set-out above could be achieved, at the same light-weight, I feel that such a product could be a big seller for SanDisk.

Please make it happen SanDisk!

Hi @flac_man ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: