Any leather cases for the Fuze?

My JVC Marshmallow Headphones should be here next week, so now I need a case. I know there is on for 20 euros, but that’s too much.

This would work but I need it’s on the European Amazon. 

This is one i bought for my Fuze, its sold here in USA from   not sure who makes it.

The lether jacket is all i ever use.   It’s good enough to protect it from drops,  and the screen from scratches.     The travel case for it is really sturdy,  but i never had a reason to use it.

The one Amazon has looks great too.

this “sansa fuze kit” is made by handstands - you never find it anywhere outside the usa :frowning:
maybe the european users should make a collected-order - i could not understand why this is not available in europe!
i am in contact with handstands at the moment, but i do not think that something positive happens :frowning:

Works well for me.

i know this one - BUT - i want to buy one, where i can use all the buttons without opening the case - like the one in the fuze kit!
otherwhise i can put the fuze in a metal box - that is safe, too!