another question

do I have to buy a card because my info says there nothing in there

click on ‘buy direct’

Have to buy a card for what

oh yeah… its not included in the package…

lol I am so totally lost in this thread. :smiley:

If you talking about to buy a micro SD card to used the Sansa e200 series players ? The answer is no you can used the internal flash memory. The micro SD card slot is used to increase the memory capacity.

Another usage is that you buy a micro SD card and use it has a standard USB key. You put the card in the player and connect (with USB cord from the standard package) with the MSC mode on your computer. When you go in explorer two new ‘disks’ will show up.

  • One with the label ‘Sansa e2xx’ that is your internal flash memory
  • One with the label ‘removable disk’ that is the micro SD card.

That way you can used the second one to store data. Of course, you can store additional audio files on it.


@peter_griffin wrote:
lol I am so totally lost in this thread. :smiley:

i must be drunk when i responded :slight_smile: