Alphabetical Order

Got a very minor but irritating problem going on. I’ve got my songs loaded on the clip, and when I try to play by artist, the songs should all come up in alphabetical order. However, it routinely puts one song at the bottom of the list, though it’s name is Box #10 and should be with the B’s. I’ve used mp3Tag to remove all tag info and just do Artist/Title/Album and it still places that song at the bottom of the list. Could it be because there’s a number sign in the title and I should rename it to Box Number 10?

Bizarre–but I’ve heard of alpha issues coming up before.  Try the alternative and post back if it works?

I moved the song to my desktop and created 3 copies of it. I gave them the following titles:

Box #10

Box # 10

Box Number 10

I then used mp3Tag to remove all the tags (even extended) from each file and re-tag them with Title, Artist and album (I give every song the abum title mp3). I loaded them onto the Clip+ and  after my library refreshed, all three songs were placed at the very end of the list in terms of songs by the artist, rather than being put near the beginning with the B’s. Weird.

That’s odd indeed–it’s as if the player is organizing these particular songs by the date added rather than by title name.