All tracks suddenly lost

Strange thing happened that made all my tracks on my Clip to be lost. As usualy I had a listening session of about 1 hour, and i shutted the clip down by sliding up the control, without pausing my track. Next time i turn on my Clip, it takes like 30 secs to load. I press play to start a track, but nothing plays. I checked my Music folder on computer, guess what… empty!

How is it possible to loose all my Music folder without Formating or using USB connection?

My device is an silver 8GB Clip, latest firmware. 

On the Clip under Settings, try setting USB to MSC and see if the files appear; if not, try setting to MTP. Files transferred in one mode only show on your computer when connected in that mode.

already formated the device :frowning:

That’s a pitty… Nevermind i can reencode my flac rips in mp3 once again:)