All memory on Cruzer lost

I just lost every bit of information from my 1Gb Cruzer.  I put it into work PC and it told me I had done an unsafe eject (I never have).  It put me onto the SanDisk site and promprted me to download new software which I did.  At the prompt “This device has not been formatted do you want to format now?” I clicked no but it did anyway.  Is ther any way I can reclaim 5 years of work or is it gone forever :mansad:.

Some of the files may be recoverable depending on what caused the drive to appear as not having been safely ejected. 

Download and install on a host machine, not the Cruzer drive, one or more of these recovery apps:

And make sure you click on the correct Download button.  Some webpages have ads on them with Download buttons for the ad’s app.

All the apps are free and reasonably easy to use.

Good luck.