Albums with lots of tracks (30+) have "unknown" album name

I have all the Beethoven Symphonies in one album. They came on five CD’s but I edited the tags so they are all part of an album called “Symphonies” and the artist is “Beethoven”. The album name comes up as “Unknown” instead of “Symphonies” when navigating on the clip. Smaller albums show up fine. This also happens with another album I made of all the Mozart piano concerti (70+ tracks in that one). Any ideas?

I have another unrelated question. I want to normalize song volumes using MP3Gain. Does the clip recognize the information MP3Gain puts into the MP3 file’s APEv2 tag?

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What do you use to edit tags? I use Mp3tag ( ) and I have no problem with 30+ tracks albums, generally any tag modification made with that program is correctly recognized by my Clip, AFAIK.

About the Replaygain question; the Clip doesn’t use in any way RG tags, thought I don’t know of any MP3 player (excepted Rockbox’ed ones :slight_smile: ) that can do it.

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I am using TagScanner ( I will give MP3tag a try. I also used MP3Gain to set the volume of all the MP3’s to 92.0 db and it seems to work OK. I was going to use the default 89.0 db but I had to turn the volume up too high. If I went from MP3 to FM radio the radio is blaring.

I have one album with 50 tracks in it and no problems with the Clip properly reading the database.  I have had weird “unknown” issues in the past but just opening the mp3 files in MP3tag, saving them and then reloading into my Clip fixed the problem.

The Clip (actually, all Sansas) will display “unknown” if an ID3 Tag field is blank.

If the Album field is the one displaying “unknown”, for example, you can edit the field in Windows Media Player, using the Advanced Tag Editor, then transfer a NEW copy of the file to the Clip after deleting it from the device.

This way, the music database on the device will be updated with the correct information.

The best tool I’ve seen for managing ID3 tags is MP3Tag.  The Sansa wants ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (latin-1) tags.

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