What kind of mp3 tags does the Clip read?

I figure it it ID3, but, on too many occasions I spend an inordinate amount of time tagging files only to add them to my clip and have them all just end up in the Unknown folder.  Is there anyway around this?  Is there a specific tagger I should be using (right now, I’m just using Itunes). 

Please let me know.

Hi, I use Mp3tag ( www.mp3tag.de ) and it works like a charm.

AFAIK Clip reads “artist name”, “track name”, “track number”, “album name” and “genre” tag fields, the others are just ignored.

When you read “unknown” it means that a particular tag is not present or not correctly written (I had some problem with apparently correct tags , written by the player Foobar, maybe that’s just my fault).

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As someone else on this forum pointed out to me, it only completely supports ID3v2.3 ISO.  Any tagger should work if you use that format.

Just wanted to let my Mac users know:  Musorg does a great job for me.  The only thing you have to be sure of, which is the only shortcoming, is that the “Album Artist” tag is identical throughout all of the files for that album.  And, since that is not available as a column in the file browser, you have to select all of the files of the album, select edit and see if there is any info in the field and/or just add one so that it can override any miscellaneous ones that may be present in any “one” of the files.

I’ve heard great things about Mediarage, but you have to pay for that one, so, if you’re cash strapped like I am, Musorg is the way to go.

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