When I bought my sansa c250, there were some mp3s.When I was playing one of them and I pushed middle button, the front cover of album showed on the display.But I deleted that songs and now I don’t know how to consolidate an image with an album.Could you help me, please?

Theres videos on it here for an e200, but i think it should work for a c200 just fine.

The problem is that I don’t know how to consolidate the picture with the album (show the album cover by pushing the middle button when playing the song). I know that it’s possible but I don’t know how.

 personaly, I just update the album info through WMP and it does it automaticly. Sometimes the album art comes through (mostly for the popular, well known albums) and sometimes it doesnt. It usually doesnt work when the track isn’t on an ablum (duh), or the album isn’t in whatever database WMP uses to put the information.

Thanks. The problem was that I was updating ID3Tags by WINAMP and there isn’t this feature.

There are a few things Windows Media Player is really good for.  This is one of them.  It does give you the option of associating your own album art with a track.  You can even create your own if there isn’t any.  Some other programs don’t allow you to associate art yourself.  MusicMatch was just taken over by Yahoo Jukebox, and it doesn’t have this option. 

I’ve had the same problem.  How are you uploading music in USB “Automatic” or “MSC” mode?  This was working fine when I was using “MSC” mode.  I use Rhapsody (which drives off of Windows Media Player), and with the latest firmware update, it Rhapsody no longer reads “MSC” format.  Covers are no longer populating on my player when transfering in “Automatic.”