album pictures


how can i get pictures from the bands?! the preinstalled songs have this pictures, if i sync my connect with wplayer, they are not available!!!

When you load the CD onto your computer how do the pictures appear?

If you go through Yahoo JukeBox can you get album info?

You can take pictures from the CD and turn them into .jpeg however that will not list the photo next to the song on the Sansa. The picture on the Sansa is the album Cover MOST of the time!! Unless its not a lited album cover.

Please supply more info as to where these photos are listed on CD.


yeah i want to get the album cover and not any picture! but don’t know how.

if i play songs on my pc with windows media player, the arts appears , but they aren’t on the sansa if i sync it!!

the yahoo mj doesn’t seems to have this feature?