Album Covers

Prior to buying my c250, I researched cnet and they article there mentioned that the latest firmware allowed for album covers to be shown on the c250.  Is this true and how do I get it to work?  My mp3s have artwork or album covers, but they are just not showing up.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!!

If you’re using Windows Media Player and the album art is saved there with the songs, it should load automatically when the songs are synced to the player.  While your song is playing, make sure your screen is lit (press your center silver button if it’s not), then press it again and the album art associated with that song will appear!

oh, and I’ve even “made up” album art (from .gif or .jpg files) for some goofy fun mp3 files not actually from an album, associated it with the file in WMP, and it shows that, too!  (like a song from a cartoon I have, for instance…)

Thanks!  I downloaded my songs by the old drag and drop method in windows explorer and the album covers work that way as well.  Awesome!!