Album Art Not Showing Up

Album Art is not showing up on my Fuze. If I browse the folders on the Fuze using my computer, then I see the proper ALB files with the album art and album song list. Why is the Fuze not showing it? I used Yahoo Music Jukebox to transfer the songs. I don’t want the workaround (i.e. dragging “album art.jpg”), I want to know how to get the Fuze to recognize the ALB files.

I’ve yet to be able to get alb album art working if I manually try to set it up with my Fuze or other mp3 players. folder.jpg / album art.jpg is the easiest way to go.

You could try transfering the music with WMP11, it will handle the alb’s properly.  Usually it’ll load the alb files into the Album folder with it’s name that points to the Music folder.