Adding one song to current playlist....

I looked but didn’t see the answer…

Is there a way to add one or a few songs to a current playlist without having to sync the entire playlist again?  

I have a few playlists with 300 songs and sometimes want to add a song or two and get tired of re-syncing the entire list just to add one or two songs to an existing list (yes, it shows the all ready synced songs are synced).


Asumming you are in MTP mode and you have installed WMP11, you can try changing the playlist properties on the device itself using Windows explorer.  Find the playlist, right click it to open it, then select the “references” tab.

Next navigate to the song you would like to add to the list and select it.  Drag and drop it to the open playlist.  You can then position it up or down in the playlist.

Next close the list.

No sync required at all.

If the song is not currently on the device,  try dragging and dropping the song to the device and placing it in a folder,  then drag the song to the open playlist.

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