adding songs to an existing playlist

I used the following method to add a playlist, and it works great, but, if I want to add songs to the playlist using the same method, when I save it to my fuze, the old playlist is deleted and the new song/songs are in their place.  Am I doing something wrong, or is that just the nature of the beast?  All of the songs are listed in the playlist in winamp.

  1. Connect your player in MSC mode. 
  2. Create a new, blank playlist in Winamp. (Double-check it as I’ve found it sometimes adds your entire library to it un-announced). I usually right-click on PLAYLISTS . . .NEW.
  3. Open a Windows Explorer pane with your player’s MUSIC folder in it ( NOT your music folder/library on your computer! ).
  4. Drag’n’drop the files you want on the playlist from the Explorer window to the large playlist pane in Winamp.
  5. When finished with your playlist, double-click on the playlist name in the left pane. This will send the contents of the playlist up to the Playlist Editor pane.
  6. Click on FILE|Save Playlist. Here you will get the standard Windows SAVE box. Name your playlist again (should be the same as you named it in Winamp) and save in your MUSIC folder on your player ( NOT in the PLAYLISTS folder as you would think. This is where you get the [empty] playlists).
  7. If you have a SDHC card, you can make another playlist for music on that too. Just save it in the root directory with the music or in the MUSIC file (if you have one; I don’t).

Eazy-Peazy-Lemon-Squeezy ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: You can not combine the music from your player’s internal memory and the SD card into a single playlist unless you convert the .m3u format that Winamp creates into .pla format. Google around; there are programs/scripts people have wrtten that will do this.

Disclaimer: Ths works for me using Winamp running Windows. You’re running Linux, so “your mileage may vary!” :smiley:

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I’ve always deleted the playlist file on the player before transferring (or saving) a new one to it. I haven’t experienced what you are describing. You might give this a shot. The playlist will still be in Winamp, so you can edit it (add or remove songs).

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I suppose it does, but I read Scotty’s question as addiing more songs to an already existing playlist created by Winamp (basically appending it) and saving it under the same name. If you delete it from the device first, then it will completely write a new file, as opposed to ‘over-writing’ the existing one. I haven’t tried it, but that could be the problem; only what is new and different gets saved. Why that would be, I don’t know but computers and software programs are strange beasts sometimes.

Gotit… How about load old playlist, add new songs, save. Don’t create new blank list.

The M3U playlist is just a text file list. To add songs, you can edit it directly in Notepad.