Accept Playlist for Podcasts as a way to sort Audio Books.

Sansa View:  You need to allow playlist to work in the Podcast folder. As you don’t have bookmarking I’m having to put my audio books into the Podcast folder as it has a " start where I left off feature".  Audio books often have file names like 01 Xxxxxx, 02 Xxxxx, 01 Yyyyy and 02 Yyyyyy so if you have several books Sansa View will sort them alphabetically and end up with 01 Xxxxxx, 01 Yyyyyy…   So now then you have finished listening to 01 Xxxxxx they player will jump to playing 01 Yyyyyy instead of 02 Xxxxxx.

The easiest way to solve this problem would be to allow one to create PlayLists for audio books in the Podcast folder. I could create a PlayList called James Bond - Live and Let Die with just that one book in there with all its 12 files. This way I could download many books into Podcast and not have them get mixed up and intertwined.

Many are using Podcast for their Audio books!!

Seems like a simple solution!!

Message Edited by Zardoz on 03-05-2008 04:46 PM