AC Adapter

on the AC adapter does it show the specification on it?

if so, what is the output on it?

thanks in advance to anyone who has an adapter and can answer this.

The AC adapter needed is 5 volts at a minimum of 200ma.  I’d aim for a bit of headroom, at least 500mA, to properly charge the Fuze.

Any standard USB adapter will do the trick.  Use the supplied SanDisk USB cable.  Be very careful, if teh adapter has a 30-pin connector, that teh cable is designed for the SanDisk Sansa.  You DON’T want a charger designed for the iPod, as these will damage your Sansa.

If the charger has a standard USB connection, this is the choice.

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i have a AC adapter and the output is 6V and 200-300mA (i got with another mp3 player) but when i hook it up to charge it is not giving the standard lightning bolt and charging meter within the battery icon like it does when it is hooked up to the computer. 

any thoughts on that?

You want a charger with roughly 500mA and standard USB 5 volts.  The Fuze demands a bit of current when charging at the initial high rate, which is why SanDisk specifies USB2.0.

Decent chargers are only $20, with many good finds for even half that.  I would source a better charger.  The rated 6v is high; though the Fuze has internal regulation, you don’t want to risk damaging the device with an over-volt issue.

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Also check out Walmart… They have a dual USB charger there … Sold in most of the larger stores… My local store did not stock it so I went to walMart online… Price is $12.88 dual USB ports at 5v each and 500mA…  Just bring up a Fuze an hit accessories and you should find it… if not let me know and I’ll locate he link for you!!  The charger works great…  Nice full charge that lasts longer the when I charge it on my computer…  You can also use your fuze when using a wall charger! 

Name of the charger is MUSIC POWER DUET George

Oh shipping was only .97!!!  Can’t beat that with a stick!

I picked up an AC adapter that would seem to match your specs: Output DC 5.00 +/- .20V; DC200mA-300mA

I am using this for the Sansa Clip.  When I have the clip charging through the computer, the battery charge indicator has a rolling charge display.  However, when I use the AC adapter, it is a static full battery indicator.  Does this mean that the battery is not charging?  Do I have the wrong AC adapter?  You had mentioned having some “headroom”…up to 500mA.  Would having purchased a unit with this spec give me different results?

Thanks for your help!

Be sure to have the latest firmware installed on your Clip.  200 ma should at the least be enough for the trickle mode, where the icon rolls.

You can try your Clip by slowly inserting the USB plug into the port of the PC, making the power connections only, and see if it behaves differently with the computer’s 5v supply.

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I tried the slow connect method to the computer, several times in two different USB ports.

The first time, I got a “device not recognized” message on my computer screen, and the Clip had a static display (not rolling).  Then I pushed the jack all the way in and the display changed to a rolling charge display.  I tried it several more times, but on each subsequent try, the Clip showed the rolling display.

When I plug  into the AC through the adapter, it starts with a “Writing” message, then “Connected”.  However the battery icon still does not roll. 

Should I contact tech support to see what they have to say about this (is it charging or not…what is the minimum mA rating to actually get a charge going, etc.)?   Should I just leave it plugged  into the AC and see what happens (does it take a full charge eventually)?

This item is for a Christmas gift, so I need to figure out quickly if I need to make another AC adapter purchase or not.

Thanks again for your quick reply!



I try several USB chargers, but no luck…

“connected” without charging (charging icon didn’t roll)


I use this: MobileGear USB Charger /f Ipod. (5V/1A)

work flawlessly

you can get from MobileGear

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Under 500mA Fuze only charge with mention “connected” like when you connected on computer.

Up to 500mA (for me 600mA) you can charge and listening music.


Thanks for the link…but when I click it I get their product page showing me the adapter, but no way to find out the price or how to order it.  It is a Singapore company from what I see, so it might be difficult for me to purchase from the US. 

What I take away from your answer that is helpful is that it was a 1 amp adapter that had the power to get the Clip to charge properly.  There must be some sort of product information on the Clip that will tell what the factory specs are for MP3 players without having to guess what equipment ratings to use. 

I just found another product that will eliminate the need for the USB cable altogether.  It is rated as 1 amp and says it was designed for the Clip.  I guess I’ll go with this unit.   Here’s the link:

Thanks to all for your input on this.

Question: they only got adapters with 5,4V output here, up to which voltage can it handle? I don´t want to fry my player over a 10€ expense.


Sorry to hear that MobileGear have not (yet) distributor in US.

(CMIIW) Clip charger /w miniUSB can’t be used for Fuze, it’s use proprietary (ugh!) USB cable.

Maybe you can get USB Charger from Ebay

The same 5V/1A output :slight_smile:

so… you have enough power to play Fuze when charging :wink:

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