About streaming videos

Bought this item so I can watch movies during a flight. I only have limited storage space for my phone. 

After testing it today, there is no sound for .mkv file. (Movie)

.mov and .mp4 is choppy. It intermittent buffering every now and then, which is weird. It has sound but you cant even watch because it stops every second. (Buffer play buffer play buffer stop buffer play so on) 

I tried using the browser to open, it plays the .mov but as for .mkv, it downloads it. I don’t evan know if it can play a bigger .mov file though. 

I’m using 7 plus and i also tried it with 6s and Samsung J1. 

Downloding it in my phone just to play the movie defeats the purpose of having the usb. 

No issues with transferring photos but it gets slow sometimes. TIA

the app does not support app audio and video codecs. If you have adobe AC3 audio codecs in the video files (this is one example of an unsupported codec) audio will not play. 

for buffing issues you are seeing. the wireless stick has a max wireless stream speed of 6Mb/s to a single stream. If you have multiple streams this 6Mb would be divided among all streams. If the videos are very high quality you any be exceeding the streaming capabilities of the device and causing it to buffer. 

as a work around you can convert the video files to common codecs like MP4 video codec and MP3 or AAC sudio codec and reduce the quality of the video so it does not exceed 6Mb/s bitrate. if you plan on doing multiple simultaneous streams it would need to be in a lower bit rate. For example if you want to do 3 streams at the same time the video should not exceed 2Mb/s bitrate.