MKV streaming choppy/no audio

if I play a 720p MKV from my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Android 4.2.2) or download it from the WMD to my tablet they play fine.
if I try to stream it I only get choppy video and no audio.

am I doing something wrong?

I can’t help much since I’m in the Apple eco-system.  But, my experience has been that, depending on the iPad video app I use, I can get the choppy playback that you describe while streaming from WMD to iPad to AppleTV.  I think this is due to the two different types of streaming that iOS devices can do, that either use “mirroring” or not.  Another video app I have does not require mirroring, and it plays smoothly.  I don’t know how this experience maps to Android, or if you have an app that employs a “better” type of streaming, but it probably is independent of the WMD.