A/V Sync Problems... Sandisk PLZ Read

After playing around with a lot of the videos (mainly movies) that I have encoded using the SMC, the further I get into the movie, the more the A/V gets out of sync.  After using several tools that I have found on the internet to adjust the A/V sync, I have found that SMC is encoding to 20FPS, when in all actuality it should be 19.998FPS.  I have tried to use several frame rate adjusters found on the internet that do nothing more than change the frame rate and no other tags in the AVI header file, yet to no avail.  When I try to upload the video back to my 8GB Fuze I am told that the file is now not viewable on my screen (even though the website w/ the AVI specs says that it supports anything UP TO 20FPS!) 

Please get this repaired as soon as possible, as this is terribly annoying the further into my files that I get. 

Thank you.

Yeah, this has been said before! Hopefully it will get fixed in the next SMC version!

Well, sorry to say this Sandisk, but… 

Due to the fact that this problem apparently has been ignored for some time, I am going to return my Fuze to the place of purchase and upgrade to a (gulp!) Ipod.  I have never had so many problems in such a short amount of time with any piece of electronics as I have the Fuze.  At least that I know the replacement that I will be purchasing will be better supported and will use a plethera of codecs and settings rather than a proprietary encoding software that obviously can not do the job.

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No, I’m just kidding, you’re right it is kind of annoying, but it will eventually be fixed. Think about it, SanDisk is making upgrades to the Fuze, View, Clip, and the SMC, so they have a lot on their hands!

Any idea when this will be fixed/update SMC? my out of sync videos are driving me nuts!

Until then could you convert the video with the sounnd out of sync, then when it is converter, it should fix!

The problem is, from what I can gather it’s not that the audio is simply out of sync with the video. The video actually plays at a slightly different rate than the audio does, and the farther the movie plays the more the audio gets out of sync. Just messing with the way the sound and video sync up before conversion wouldn’t fix that.

If somebody could adapt the method proposed in this thread to work with the Fuze, something like that might work. Just skip reading the numbered part and go straight to the second paragraph after number 7. That’s where the really useful information starts.

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I have had no synchronization issues with my DVDs, and playing the resulting files on the Fuze and e280v2. 

Perhaps, if you try the same combination of tools, you’ll have a happy viewing experience.

Search the forum here regarding DVD Decrypter.  Months ago, I tried the bare bones application, and it flies through a target DVD with ease, loading the VOB files on the PC hard drive.  I don’t recommend using this software for copying materials other than for your own personal DVDs, and your personal viewing.  DVDs are cheap enough these days; it costs more for popcorn and drinks than the average DVD.

The resulting video files are simply dragged and dropped through the SMC right on to your Fuze, and in my experience, they play in synchronization.  The average DVD is broken up into five to seven parts.  Perhaps, if there are any progressive synchronization issues, users may have issues with longer run sessions per file.

The five seconds interruption between these “chapters” is very nice on the eyes.  Watching this wee screen continuously for an entire movie could make your eyes cross like a Siamese cat.  Plus, if you’re using the video mode on your Fuze as a diversion while flying, you need your eyes to work properly, lest you bounce about aimlessly in the jetways.  Oh, and I don’t recommend watching movies while flying, if you are the pilot.  After staring at the wee screen, the artificial horizon will ghost over the variometer, and struggling to find the correct instrument can be a bad thing as you begin your final.

I have had issues where some of the VOB files hang up.  Fear not!  If they hang up on the Fuze, they hang up in the Preview Pane of the SMC too.  Thus, it’s a handy test tool.  If you have the Rhapsody 4 client, you can double click on a target VOB > avi file on the Fuze, and stream it through the built in (Real) player.  Yes, hangups will happen at the same time, so glitches are consistent, and not (in my case) specific to the device.

The troublesome VOB file can be repaired using Any Video Converter.  If I recall correctly, I tried MPEG2 on the last bad file, and it plays flawlessly.  Be forewarned that the GUI on the free version of AVC is kind of cryptic, so it takes a bit of experimentation.  Note that on the screen, it looked like nothing was happening on my first repair session, so I left the PC alone while brewing some coffee.

Upon return, I noticed that the interface showed that a second layer was processing.  It took about 40 minutes to process the last chapter of Saving Private Ryan, so you can get the picture.  How can you watch Saving Private Ryan without the final stand on the bridge?  That would be like missing the end of The Guns Of Navarone, for the old salts out there.

Good luck with your videos!  The screen is small, but it’s a nice diversion, a bit of entertainment unique from mere listening.  And if you like action films, it’s fun to rattle the ears with things going boom.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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I am trying to find a dvd decrypter for my Sansa Fuze.  Which one did you use?


Here’s a post from a while back, regarding DVD transfer to the Sansa.  I found the Decrypter application from Doom9.

It takes a bit of experimentation for files that do not play correctly, but in all, the process is fun.

Edit: 28 Jan 2010  The FAQ links are broken.  Look up DVD Decrypter via Wikipedia for details, there’s a UK mirror of the final version of the program. Again, decoding a DVD is for your own personal use and enjoyment on your Sansa.  I strongly believe that the studios are entitled to a fair price for the original DVDs in your collection.  I also believe that you should be free to enjoy them on your portable device.  What’s next?  Will they complain over which TV in your home you wish to watch?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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