A few MP3's that play fine on my Mac won't import to my Clip+???


I’ve had my clip+ for a couple months or so, and after a few hiccups I love it. The volume was an issue (tractor driving) but some inear headphones fixed that. Anyway, recently I have found that on a number of my cd’s there will be one track that will not load into the clip. It will play fine on my mac in itunes, but it won’t load. The download window just sits there saying “one minute to go” or so,e such message, then eventually the finder says it timed out and because of an error it cannot write the song. Any ideas?

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So no one has any idea what is going on here or has any help or suggestions about this?

It might be a taggin issue. Sansa players are somewhat picky about how the tags are saved, paticularly how the characters (letters/numbers/symbols) are saved. In most cases you can fix this by resaving the tags with MP3Tag. However, unfortunately you will have to find a different program, since MP3Tag is Windows-only.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on Macs, but assuming you have OS X, you should be able to find something helpful on THIS PAGE, or THIS ONE. Make sure whatever program you use is set to use ISO 8859-1 tags.

Thank you for the tip, I’ll investigate that. But isn’t it odd that it’s one track from a cd? For instance, one track from the Beatle’s Abbey Road won’t load, but the rest will?

Or, it could just be a hiccup with that track–I’d try getting another copy of it and trying again. (This has happened to me, by the way.)