A few (more) questions of a new owner

As I wrote already in another thread I got my Clip today. Meanwhile I have charged it, updated the firmware and loaded a few songs on it. It sounds great with my Shure E4’s !
However a few (more) questions:

  1. I already read here that the Clip comes preloaded with a few songs. However on mine was a folder “Music” and in it a subfolder called “Nouveau Album” (I ordered it from a french based webshop and it had firmware with F)) in which were 6 songs and besides that, thus also in the Music folder, 3 other songs. Is that allright and doesn’t it mean that it was already used ?

  2. Is it normal behavior that the blue ring light around the big round button, also goes out at the same time as the display light ?

Most, if not all, sansa players come with preloaded content. I don’t remember which songs came on my 1gb clip, but there were only 4 tracks. If you got a larger capacity player, it may have more tracks. I’m pretty sure that the F on the end of the firmware indicates that you have a European firmware with FM radio capabilites. It will probably act the same as an Americas region player. If you want to change the region of your firmware to Americas, you can follow the instructions in the sticky post at the top.

The light on the wheel is only lit up when the screen is lit up. It should always turn off when the screen turns off.