8gb Sansa Fuze is not recognize by computer, nor will it turn on or restart/reboot HELP

I had my Fuze for only about a month when it started running into some problems, at first it turned off on its own and wouldn’t start up when plugged into my computer. I let it rest for a few days and tried to connect it back into the computer with success. About a week later I received a FAT corruption which I corrected, but a week after that the rotating button became fidgety and seem to have a mind of its own. Well a few days later it just cashed on me, it would turn on, it would reboot, it would be recognized by the computer. I’ve looked over pretty much every forum that seemed to  fit my situation, but with no success. As of now the only reasonable explanation I can think of is a software malfunction. If anybody has any idea of what the problem is please inform me and let me know any suggestions on how to repair the problem, because if not I’m going to personally dissect the device and search for any hardware problems. Thanks