8gb microsd formatting

i have an 8gb microsd card that i used for a cricket phone that i had i switched to at&t and now my phone wont store pictures on the card… how do i format it so i can use it on my new phone?   i dont know if it matters but i have windows 7 and an at&t LG phone

Have you checked if the capacity of the card is compatible with your phone? Click here to check it.

If it is compatible, you can just format the card using your phone. Format option should be under settings menu on your phone.

the capacity is fine but like i said i had it for an old phone and now i have at&t i went to the at&t store and the guys told me to format it so i did and now its saying the card is full and wont read on either of the phone but it still pulls up on my computer so i know the card is still good  i have an LG  if that helps

What is the exact model of your LG phone?

If it is still being recognized properly by the computer then you can still probably format it.

NOTE: File system should be FAT32 for your 8 GB card.

ok i did that its still saying external memory full and it switches back to the phone storage… i know the card is still usefull cause i can take pictures off my computer and place them on the card but they wont show up on the phone. i believe it a LG GT365 

after its formated do i need to add folders to the card like it was before so it knows images, music, ect…?

when you put it in your phone the phone should create the folder you need for you.



Unfortunately the capacity of the card is not support :cry:

Might as well call LG Tech support for a possible firmware update for you phone to support 8GB micro SD

i have a 8gb microsd card in my phone(nokia 7230) i can not delet the file from the memory card.i can not even make it into a folder.could not format the memory card.but i can see  it in the photos, and i work with the dictionary which is into it